Our vision

It’s my Sofa is a result of thinking a lot about the furniture market which is changing rapidly. What is the future in furniture buying and what are our ideas about it?

At the moment there is a lot of furniture coming from China and other countries that are mostly cheap but of poor quality.

We on the other hand, grew up in the furniture business and love high quality furniture and the European tradition of high skilled craftsmanship.

Our idea is to make high quality furniture for affordable prices. We want to make the products in Europe with a lot of attention for sustainability. We also had the idea to involve our customers fully with the development of our models and to let them have the final say towards the end product. They can choose the model, the dimension, the fabric and see the desired outcome on our website and how much it costs. The customer can make changes to the suggested models and can even create their own designed sofa or chair.

We work with customers panels for the development of new models and organize special “ Its’ my Sofa days” to show our customers and relations all there is to know about our products and inspire all who are involved in our products, while creating new ideas.