Become our ambassador

Become our ambassador / Get a provision

If you like our furniture, have bought it already and are enthusiastic about our models, the website and the concept then consider joining us an ambassador of It’s my Sofa.

Make your friends, neighbours and family supporters of us, show them our website and make them enthusiastic just like you are.

We will be glad to reward you for your efforts to promote and recommend our products and website.


It’s my Sofa is a new concept in the interior branch. It’s innovative and involves the customer from the beginning to the end in creating a product that fully responses to their wishes.

If you like our products, our designs, our website and our business model than consider to become an ambassador of It’s my Sofa.

Our business model is based on customer-to-customer recommendation.

We don’t have big showrooms on high priced locations, expensive sales people and we do not spend money on TV and radio commercials etc.

We have to rely on the quality of our products and the enthusiasm of our customers and relations to promote us.

That’s why we introduced an ambassadorship system through which we can show our appreciation for all who do their best to promote us.

If you become an ambassador for It’s my Sofa then you get the following benefits and tools to work with;

  • Promotion kid with all information about It’s my Sofa
  • Bonus of 7,5% of the amount your relation will buy
  • Invitations for the “It’s my Sofa day” which will be organized twice a year
  • Fully support from our back office for all your questions
  • Assistance of experienced interior designers

The quality of our products and your recommendation will give us new customers and we are thankful if you support our concept.

That’s why we can give you the bonus of 7,5% for a new order we get thanks to your support and recommendation.

You give us new relations and customers and we show our appreciation. After the order is delivered to the full satisfaction of the new customer we will transfer the money to your account.

If you want the money to be given to a charity purpose than feel free to do so.

We are thankful to you for creating new customers for us so it’s up to you how to spend your bonus.

If you want to be registered as an ambassador for It’s my Sofa then click “here”.